Hi, I’m a product designer experienced in designing mobile and web products for international users.

I care about designing for a better and more inclusive future.


TED iOS Redesign

The TED iOS app aims to spread great ideas on the go. It is one of the top educational apps but it hasn’t gone through major updates since its first launch 5 years ago. 


I worked in a cross-functional team at TED to identify opportunities and explore new features following user-centered processes. 


A storytelling platform that helps capture, share and pass on your life stories with your loved ones and future generations.


StoryJar aims at utilizing personal digital legacy to help people be better remembered and help their next generation succeed.


A smart lamp that emotionally motivates you to get things done.


Our team thought outside the box of a typical to-do list mobile application and explored the possibility of bringing emotions to everyday objects, so as to motivate people to be more productive.


A mobile application that connects people with the past or future travel experiences of their friends and family who have been or will be traveling to the same place.


We were trying to enrich the solo travel experience by making it more fun, informative and serendipitous.



Hi there,


I’m Yitao Wang, currently a UX/UI designer at TED . With a master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction and Design, I’ve gained strong skill sets to transform ideas to finalized products through a user-centered process. Coming from a background of Information Management and Information System, I’m knowledgeable of realizing the beauty of design with feasibility in mind. The internship experience as a product manager enabled me to prioritize strategically and collaborate smoothly in a cross-functional team.


In my leisure time, you will find me trying new food, wandering local museums, or hiking on a new trail! Feel free to shoot me a message if you are interested in knowing more about me.


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