Hi, this is Yitao Wang šŸ‘‹ 


Iā€™m a senior product designer at TED, experienced in designing mobile and web products for international users.



Optimize for international audiences

I worked with the TED mobile team to conduct international audience research across 13 languages and cultures. The findings led us to launch the dual subtitles feature and redesign for a personalized home screen experience. 


TED Masterclass

A journey from B2B to B2C

TED Masterclass is TED's official online public speaking course. I worked with the TED-Ed team at TED to transform the existing B2B product into B2C. Design challenges included setting the right pricing, designing the freemium experience, and expanding the mobile app onto the web.


A storytelling platform that helps capture, share, and pass on your life stories with your loved ones and future generations.


StoryJar utilizes personal digital legacy to help people be better remembered and help their next generation succeed.

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